The Key to True Magic

The Key to True Magic
The Key to True Magic by Raphael Domani - Contents: 7-part course (52 pages)

True magic is a means of achieving dreams, power, influence and success.

True magic has nothing in common with modern sorcery. Rather it is based on the use of psychological laws of nature and can be used by anyone!

In magic a person has a powerful means of having an effect on himself, on others and on fate.

A magician’s every wish can come true. The magical path to realising dreams. A 7-part course.

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Excerpt: The Secret of Magic...

Excerpt from the chapter “The Secret of Magic“ in the 3rd part (page 24):

...for this purpose the basic laws of the mind: The mind of a person, which we generally refer to as the psyche, responds to pictorial images. If such pictorial images are placed directly in the mind, then they will be realised through the natural law of necessity. But when a person is awake, the psyche is blocked off from the outside world by the consciousness, where reason and understanding hold sway. These types of pictorial images can then no longer pass through consciousness to penetrate the psyche.

For this reason, the consciousness has to be deactivated in the following ways...

There are four ways...

to achieve what you want to achieve with people.

1st way: Desire and pleasure
You can tempt people with the promise of fulfilling their desires. This path is very often followed both directly and indirectly.

2nd path: Force and violence
You can force people to do what you want. This is the path chosen by dictators and criminals. No reasonable person follows this path.

3rd path: Money and possessions
You promise and offer people money and possessions. Through this you succeed in having people do what you want. This is the usual path of followed by liberalism.

4th path: Magic
Through the influence of magic you succeed in having people do what you want.

If you now think about these four paths, you will realise that the path of magic is the most interesting for you. You will want to know how you can follow this path yourself.

True Magic: Table of contents of the 7 parts

True magic has nothing in common with modern sorcery, deception or superstition. True magic is based on the use of the psychological laws of nature. In the antiquity and in the middle ages it was the secret and strictly protected preserve of priests, insiders and magicians.
The most important scholars of humankind dealt in true magic. And the course of study by Raphael Domani: "The Key to True Magic" also deals with it.

This course not only explains how true magic can be understood scientifically, it also shows a very practical way of putting it into practice. The path that you, too, can follow.
In order to study true magic, you no longer need to join a secret society, you have no need to become a Rosicrucian, nor do you need to apprentice yourself to an Indian guru. Simply order the course from Raphael Domani and study the lessons at your leisure.

What is significant in this course is that it does not contain any form of mystical or symbolical paraphrasing, as can still be found today in many books. It calls a spade a spade and clearly shows, simply and in an easy-to-understand way, what it is about and what actually lies behind it. The author has focused his entire efforts on creating a course that, through factual representation and practical instructions, will give tangible benefits to anyone who studies it. And this he has achieved completely.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Question: I am a twenty-first century person and do not believe in superstitious, mystical things. Can the magic offer me tangible benefits despite this?

Answer: Yes! As true magic is based on applying the knowledge of natural laws of psychology, it is also usable and beneficial for people today.

Question: Can true magic be explained scientifically?

Answer: Yes! True magic can be explained in a scientific-psychological way and its effects can be proven at any time.

Question: Is true magic supernatural or extrasensory?

Answer: True magic is not supernatural. It is based on the application of psychological laws of nature. Some of its aspects, such as telepathy, have a physical explanation.

Question: Has true magic anything to do with hypnosis, suggestion, psychology or yoga?

Answer: Hypnosis, suggestion, psychotherapy methods and yoga arise out of the same elementary forces as true magic. For this reason, true magic is valuable for understanding hypnosis, suggestion, psychology and yoga.

Question: Is it possible to force affection and love through true magic?

Answer: Of course it is possible, but please remember that any force, even magical force, could be viewed as a deprivation of personal liberty and, as such, may be considered a criminal act.

Question: Is true magic not dangerous? Could it also be used to carry out criminal acts?

Answer: True magic is neither good nor bad. It always depends on the person who is using it, whether this person uses it as a tool or as a weapon.

Question: Can I learn and use true magic?

Answer: Yes! Like any normal, intelligent person, you, too, can learn and apply true magic. There is no need for any specific previous knowledge or special talent.