Shipping Outside of EU


The delivery location and head office location are within the European Union (EU).

Delivery is duty-free since the range of items from Steiner Publishing Company are solely self-teaching methods, self-help techniques, and self-help books and as such are exempt from import or customs duties.

It is possible, however, that outside the EU, the usual reduced VAT rate of the target country as applicable to the purchase price may be collected before delivering the item. Text books are usually duty-free, however.

Delivery service and shipping duration:

Delivery from Germany to the country of destination is done via airmail, usually using Deutsche Post (DHL), which takes 1 to 2 days on average. The second stretch of the shipping route takes place from the distribution location to your residence and will take as long as normal in-country shipments usually take.

The shipment is insured. This means the recipient or his or her representative must acknowledge receipt or sign for the article.