Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration
Whole Body Vibration by Siegfried Schmidt - Volume: ebook version and print version with approx 200 pages with over 250 exercises demonstrated with clear photos. .................................................. Available in the following versions: >PRINTVERSION (Softcover, gloss laminated) >EBOOKVERSION (World standard: EPUB, AZW)

Professional vibration training with 250 Exercises. Optimal training results for healing back pain, skin tightening, cellulite treatment, body shaping…

Vibration Training the Professional Course has been written from the experiences gained by one of Germany’s leading exponents of vibration training, who has successfully used it not just for his own recovery from injury, but also from the many students who train regularly in his studio.

Use this book to enhance training for muscle building, body toning, skin tightening, strengthening bones, back pain, cellulite, stretch marks and much more.

This professional course is intended for everybody regardless of sex and age, who wish to achieve peak physical and mental performance in the shortest time and with low training costs.

The course includes both theoretical and practical applications; with over 250 vibration exercises clearly demonstrated (including pictures and instructions) and is therefore suitable for normal users as well as therapists and sport trainers.

Since each exercise is clearly demonstrated and explained, this book will become an indispensable guide.

All 250 VIBRATION EXERCISES are demonstrated with PHOTOS and clear instructions. The chosen exercises have been developed carefully by the author Siegfried Schmidt; sports therapist and personal trainer.

Siegfried Schmidt was awarded an honorary doctorate in 2012. He is an expert in vibration training and acts as a personal trainer for professional vibration training. In just a few years he has already helped over 2500 customers.

Siegfried Schmidt helps everyday people with back pain, accident victims in rebuilding damaged muscles, and directs the Powrx Academy for the training of medically certified personal trainers in vibration plate technology.

Over 200 personal trainers, physical therapists, nurses and midwives have completed their training under him and now own their own studios in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

3 x 30 minutes of vibration training per week is sufficient to achieve fast results with the same perceived physical benefits that time-intensive strength training via traditional fitness methods need.

With vibration training, you can achieve top physical performance, while enjoying the FITNESS, HEALTH and fantastic TONED BODY that you have always wanted.

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Enjoy many more benefits:

  • DEEP MUSCLES: when training on a vibration plate each muscle, including the deep core muscles will automatically be trained and strengthened without additional effort. The stomach is only properly tight, if all the deeper muscles are trained, just like any other problem areas.
  • BACK PROBLEMS: Each muscle is trained holistically in vibration training, including the multiple side muscles of the back. Back pain can be completely eliminated.
  • BONE DENSITY and OSTEOPOROSIS: Bone density is increased and the calcium intake improved. You can, as in the case of the author live life free of pain even after multiple injuries (see author biography in the textbook).
  • CELLULITE and CONNECTIVE TISSUES: Women especially who are suffering from cellulite or connective tissue problems after pregnancy will delight in this form of training. The tissue sections are systematically strengthened by vibration massage and toned again. The skin becomes smooth again.
  • STENGTHENING of the CARTILAGE: Synovial fluid is pumped through the cartilage while doing vibration training. This promotes the regeneration and construction of the cartilage.
  • CONDITION and FLEXIBILITY: Improve your physical condition and your flexibility by stretching the tendons.
  • MUSLE BUILDING and FAT BURNING: Through the stretch reflex of the muscle, a subsequent contraction takes place which is set in the Hertz frequency. This develops the strength of the muscle. The tension of the muscles is approximately twice as strong as with conscious strength training. The high frequencies activate the fast white muscle fibers that increase strength dramatically. The red muscle fibers regenerate faster, which is good for endurance sports. So VPT helps in muscle building, after injury, in rehab and improve due to age or disease weakened muscles. You can train your muscles well with selected exercises to aid slimming. One kilogram more muscle mass causes, while your body is in an idle state to burn every two weeks 200 grams of fat.
  • GOOD MOOD and WELL-BEING: Through vibration training hormones like endorphins, serotonins and neurotrophin are increasingly distributed. Caution risk of addiction :)
  • NERVE: With vibration training the neural pathways are sensitized and mobilized and can have a positive effect on some types of paralysis.
  • TOXINS and NUTRIENTS: Toxins are released by the vibrations and dissipated. At the same time we increased the absorption and utilization of nutrients.

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