Applied White Magic

Applied White Magic
Applied White Magic by Mangana Gerloff - Size: 20 Chapters (168 Pages)

White magic in practice. Witchcraft for home use - learn everything there is to know about Tarot meanings, magic rituals and the Wicca cult.

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How do I become a Wicca witch?

This book makes it possible - you receive the complete training of the expert witch Mangana to learn at home.

The witch Mangana is a true witch, she has been practising white magic with knowledge and success for many years.

She is self-initiated and extremely experienced in good witchcraft.

As a white witch, she follows the typical WICCA witch religion, which thousands of years ago was also known as “the Old Religion“ and was widespread throughout nearly the whole of Europe.

With the aid of this book, you can learn white magic and about the Wicca religion (which is officially recognised in England) through self-study.

The teachings of Mangana Gerloff differ significantly from all other books in that they contain only the necessary and most important findings, which are not only set out clearly without any circumlocution but which can also be applied in practice with simple but highly effective tools on the basis of many examples.
The witch Mangana has created a simple and easy to learn witchcraft for the reader to learn at home. Due to her years of experience, the author has been able to continuously expand and enhance her knowledge and skills over time. Now the time has come to pass her masterpiece on to like-minded people.

Do you feel a vocation or are you simply curious?

Then this book is exactly right for you.