1st part: Unknown powers of nature – Unknown powers of the human person – The laws of the power of thought – Any goal can be achieved through the power of thought – How to strengthen your power of thought.

2nd part: The power of thought has an external effect – Thoughts are actions – How to radiate your thoughts – Influencing others through thoughts – The technique of thought influence. (four different techniques)

3rd part: Experiments with thought transfer – An experiment on the street – An experiment in the cinema or theatre – An experiment with friends – Telepathic influence during sleep – A telepathic magic display – Another trick with thought transfer – Influencing acquaintances from a distance – Another method of influence from a distance – What is important in thought transfer.

4th part: The experiments of Dr. J. B. Rhine – The “Zehner cards“ (according to Dr. Karl Zehner) Telepathy in hypnosis – A sixth sense experiment – A further experiment in hypnosis – What is the sixth sense – The sixth sense and games of chance – Practical instructions for lotteries and sweepstakes.

5th part: The power of thought and health – The secret of mental healing power – Miracle healing through the power of thought – Practical rules for spiritual healing – Increasing capabilities – The power of thought and the little everyday things.

6th part: Personal magnetism – Three small secrets to gaining friendship – Practical magic through thoughts – Magical experiments to copy – How to force love through thoughts – How to force faithfulness through thoughts.

7th part: A sense of the future – Facts about sensing the future – Developing an inner voice – Indirect thought transfer – Experiments with reflexes – Inhibitions and mistakes through removing thoughts – Summaries and repetitions.