Author Tony Gaschler


Tony Gaschler was born on 1 April 1925 in Zwiesel, Germany/Bavaria. In his younger years, he was already quite interested in the natural sciences and the humanities. His primary focus was on physics, psychology, and the healing arts. His rich uncle thus decided to pay for his university studies. However, his severe stuttering, an affliction Tony Gaschler suffered from since early childhood, prevented this. That left him with only one choice: He became a successful autodidact and acquired the necessary knowledge and skills through intensive self-study. He studied numerous technical books and self-instructional methods. The associated required practical skills he acquired through numerous self-experiments. He earned a living by selling his own instructional leaflets and self-instruction methods.

The self-instruction method MODERN HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUES was an especially great success for Tony Gaschler and he received a flood of testimonials and thank you letters from all over the world. However, his stuttering and the associated other problems for living a free and unhindered life still prevented him from achieving any true personal success. He was unable to lecture freely in front of a group or appear confident and self-assured. How Tony Gaschler solved this problem in such a wonderful way and manner is truly a success story and testament to the effectiveness of his methods - he turned from a severely emotionally inhibited stutterer into a well-liked, popular, successful, and confident training facilitator and lecturer.

Tony Gaschler talks about this in his own words: "I actually made a pretty good living. I wrote and sold my printed works quite successfully. And I was completely unhappy. I always felt my feeling of confidence and self-worth dropping when attending group courses or seminars and sensed that I was missing something. My wish to conduct training seminars and to speak freely, confidently, and convincingly in front of people became stronger and stronger. My vast knowledge and valuable skills were perfect for lecturing. And that made me decide not to write anything new until I was able to talk freely, confidently, and convincingly in front of a group of people. And I stuck with this decision. It took me a whole year to develop, test, and systematically use my own liberation method. And the result was simply astonishing for my friends and I: I was actually able to act and speak freely, self-assuredly, and confidently in front of anybody and in any situation."

These experiences were integrated into Tony Gaschler’s first bestseller: The EMOTIONAL DISINHIBITION METHOD. This modern self-instruction method was published in 1962 and has reached a total circulation of almost 100 000 copies. Countless success reports and thank you letters confirm the liberating effect of this self-help method in the elimination of all types of emotional, psychological, and social feelings of inhibition and constraint.

The EMOTIONAL DISINHIBITION METHOD has been published with an additional learning CD since 2003 and is published under the title "EL METHOD" since 2004.

Next, Tony Gaschler created the EMOTIONAL VITALIZATION METHOD that systematically integrates all of his experiences and discoveries from the Emotional Disinhibition Method. The reason is that many people with only minor inhibition problems were also interested in optimizing their confidence levels without being severely inhibited or blocked. Many people are interested in being able to master public speaking and have more harmonious and happier relationships, or wish to activate their life force and vitality for professional success and greater developmental freedom. It was also possible to reduce the training duration from 10 weeks to only 6 weeks.

In between, Tony Gaschler also developed a multifunctional sleep learning methods with the title "LEARN WHILE YOU SLEEP" to facilitate learning languages, vocabulary, texts, and much more.

In 1972, Tony Gaschler began searching for a simple and easy to use, yet highly effective, relaxation method. After many trials and experiments, this resulted in MOSATI SOMATIZATION. It is a highly effective self-instruction methods that was distributed in 1977 in the form of three audio cassette tapes. An updated version with an instructional booklet and 2 audio CDs was published in March 2007. MOSATI SOMATIZATION is highly relaxing in cases of stress. But it also has an activating and performance enhancing effect on the entire person.

An updated version of the self-help method was published at the same time as well: SMOKE-FREE THROUGH AUTOGENOUS HYPNOSIS. This successful method used to be sold as a LP record and then as an audio cassette tape. The newly revised edition is today available with two audio CDs and an instructional booklet.

Today, Tony Gaschler is a freelance writer and lives in Kolbermoor near Rosenheim, Germany/Bavaria.