TABLE OF CONTENTS of the Modern Hypnosis Technique

Part I: Technique and Theory of Suggestion
From simple pendulum experiments to your subjects inability to open his or her eyes. Eight experiments are described in such a way that they are easily copied by you.

Part 1 includes the following, among others:
Suggestion experiments while subject is awake / Deprivation of liberty through hypnosis and suggestion / Is a hypnotizing look/hypnotic personality necessary? / Transition to the hypnosis technique.

Part II: Technique and Theory of Hypnotizing
The following five methods are modern, tried and tested, and can be easily used by beginners.

Excerpt from the Table of Contents of Part II:
Easy waking method / Notes for physicians / The mysterious psychological process of hypnosis / Hypnosis and a person's gender / Rapid hypnosis and deep hypnosis.

Part III: Technique of the Hypnotic Experiments
Hypnotic experiments are not only interesting and impressive, they are also instructional. Instructions for more than 30 different hypnosis experiments for you to try out.

Part III includes the following, among others:
Memory in hypnosis / Instructions for the "Cataleptic Bridge" / Removing sensations of pain / (instructions for you to try this yourself!) / A path to super deep hypnosis / The subject speaks while hypnotized / Tell hypnotized subject to open eyes / Personality changes / Experiments for physicians.

Part IV: Hypnosis Techniques for Advanced Users
In addition to rapid hypnosis, immediate hypnosis, and hypnosis with audio equipment, other modern topics are also described in detail, all of which are a must for the perfect hypnotist.

Excerpt from the Table of Contents of Part IV:
Safe three-point immediate hypnosis / American rapid method / Flash hypnosis / Hypnotizing several subjects at once / Animal hypnosis and people hypnosis / What does hypnosis have to do with telepathy? / Fundamental secret of every successful hypnotist / How can I earn money as a hypnotist? / Hypnosis heals – hypnosis helps!

Part V: Advanced Suggestion Technique
Complete instructions for 21 new and highly interesting suggestion experiments. Once you have finished working through the theoretical and practical sections, you can proclaim that you have mastered the technique of suggestion completely and in its entirety.

Part V includes the following, among others:
Suggestion experiments on the street / The suggested inability to open one's eyes as a perfection test / Unable to hold onto object / Subject is unable to move from the spot / Subject is unable to stand up / Formula for 100 suggestion experiments / Sensation of heat due to suggestion / Painlessness due to suggestion.

Part VI: Advanced Hypnosis Technique
Fifteen tried and tested and highly effective hypnotizing methods. The methods are described clearly and in detail and in such a way that they are easily copied by you. This part concludes with the best hypnotizing method ever developed: the feedback method. It represents the actual master level of the hypnotist and those who know how to apply it never need to be afraid of failure.

Excerpt from the Table of Contents of Part VI:
The perfect hypnotist / Index finger hypnosis / Modern placebo method / Successful Ralph Slater method / Three-step method acc. to Arons / Flashing light method / Rapid falling hypnotizing method / Master hypnosis technique level.

Part VII: Theory and Self-Hypnosis Technique
Different lessons illustrate practical instructions and the technique of self-hypnosis.

Part VII includes the following, among others:
Audio equipment as suggestion trigger during self-hypnosis / Testing the post-hypnotically induced self-hypnosis / Practical application of self-hypnosis / Practical suggestion formulas for self-hypnosis.

Part VIII: The Most Interesting Facts about Hypnosis:
Consciousness transfer in theory and practice / Description of the most important hypnosis devices / Interesting application possibilities of hypnosis / Valuable findings and conclusions about true magic.

Part VIII includes the following, among others:
First experiments with hypnosis while subject is awake / Sustained effect of self-hypnosis in waking state / Thought and consciousness transfer / Can hypnosis provide a glimpse of the future? / Hypnosis and sports / The secret of all miracles / How to learn true magic.