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EL Method Blushing or shyness? The elimination of these symptoms is surprisingly simple - as seen on TV!
189.50 USD

  El Method - Overcoming shyness, blushing, fear of public speaking, stage fright, lack of self-confidence and other emotional inhibitions!

Modern Hypnosis Techniques Hypnotizing as easy to learn as riding a bicycle
119.50 USD

  Modern Hypnosis Techniques by Tony Gaschler

LEARN WHILE YOU SLEEP Quickly, simply and effectively
49.50 USD


THE TEXTBOOK OF LIFE What is the meaning of life?
49.50 USD

  The textbook of Life - The laws of the mind. How do I activate the power of thought and achieve my goals?

MOSATI Intensive-Somatics strengthens your powers of self-healing and increases your physical and emotional sense of wellbeing
49.50 USD

  MOSATI Intensive Somatics. A fountain of youth for body, spirit and soul.

Whole Body Vibration Achieve peak physical shape and enhanced performance
39.95 USD

  Whole Body Vibration. Professional vibration training with 250 Exercises. Author Siegfried Schmidt

Learn Telepathy - increase your Mind Power Telepathy can be controlled
29.50 USD

  Learn Telepathy - increase your Mind Power

On the Road to Find Luck automatically and systematically - so easy once you know how!
49.50 USD

  On the Road to Find Luck by Martin Kojc

Self-Confident Appearance
Modern Hypnosis Techniques
The Laws of the Mind
Wellbeing + Health + Fitness
Learn While You Sleep

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