MOSATI Intensive-Somatics

MOSATI Intensive Somatization.
MOSATI Intensive Somatization. by Tony Gaschler Contents: Introductory booklet - Short instructions - three audio Somatics CDs

MOSATI Intensive Somatics - How you can activate your powers of self-healing and life energy (Qi, Chi) and increase your physical, mental and social well-being.

Using this simple to apply HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AND MENTAL SELF-HELP TECHNIQUE, excessive stress, exhaustion, fatigue, mental and physical tiredness and many other mental and physical paraesthesia will be systematically removed within three weeks and replaced with vitality, life force, equanimity and a feeling of well-being.

The determining key to success of MOSATI is the application of controlled INTENSIVE SOMATICS.

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With the aid of three highly effective somatics CDs you will be purposefully placed in an intensive state of somatics. The desired effects will then take place completely automatically.

What is somatics?
There is no simpler, easier to apply and faster method of achieving a permanent increase in our physical and mental well-being than MOSATI intensive somatics.

During MOSATI Intensive Somatics a direct connection is made between consciousness and body (soma).

The body parts involved immediately receive improved blood flow. Accumulated energy, that is to say, energy blockages, are made to flow again and to discharge. At the same time, where there is a lack of energy, this is charged up again, thus a rise in energy.

MOSATI-SOMATICS is a highly effective method, which has been further developed from the basis of somatics methods such as YOGA and self-hypnosis. Weeks of practicing or a practice coach are no longer needed for a positive effect to appear.

MOSATI offers a major advantage in that, through the audio-supported technique, immediate beneficial application is possible.
The originator of this extremely effective method is the well-known psychologist, specialist for hypnosis techniques and specialist author, Tony Gaschler.

Typical characteristics of stress
One of the typical characteristics of excessive stress situations is the artificially created pressure to succeed that we place on ourselves, which nowadays often leads to excessive mental demands, and these (self-inflicted) demands that we do everything faster and faster and where possible at the same time.

This multi-tasking, which we resort to due to the information that has to be dealt with on a daily basis and the growing number of tasks to be done, leads unavoidably to a reduction in performance and automatically results in us being more distant, nervous, confused, abstracted and hectic, and unable to relax and calm down.

Even being under taxed, dissatisfied or without purpose, which often leads to a lack of drive, enthusiasm, mindlessness, chronically compulsive or negative thoughts, are also characteristics of the current times.

In addition there is an increased occurrence of intolerance, which manifests itself in states of agitation, such as annoyance, rage and anger, as well as in more tension and conflicts in relationships with others.

Subliminally everyone is aware that these negative characteristics not only reduce our capabilities and the quality of our performance but also lead to mental discord and physical disorders, that is to say, they have a significant disruptive effect on our physical and mental well-being.

However, by applying MOSATI your life energy will be activated. Energy blockages, which automatically burden your spirit and body, are released and replaced with a calm tranquility. With a growing INCREASE in your physical, mental and social well-being, over time you will appreciate a TRUE ENJOYMENT OF LIFE.

At the same time, your VITALITY and your PERFORMANCE CAPABILITY will increase.

At the level of the mind, you will be increasingly supported by your own INTUITION, which will become more defined with time. Your personal instinct will cause you to make the right decision time and again, which really could be one of those “deciding moments” at any time. A highly-developed gift of intuition also provides the drive for creative ideas, discoveries and inspiration, which prove to be an invaluable guide both professionally and personally.

Over the course of Intensive Somatics, erratic and unsettled thoughts, as well as unstable and stress- inducing thoughts that constantly make it impossible to achieve lofty goals, will disappear. Every sports person knows that "You can only achieve your best results if your mind is clear!"

It is more important than ever today to keep a cool head and to retain an unwavering and enjoyable calmness of mind - instead of continuously being governed by distractions!

Erratic thoughts are replaced instead by a stable perspicuity with a clear and focused thinking pattern, which ultimately means that all the tightly crammed in tasks that have to be done every day are successfully dealt with more efficiently, with fewer errors and, above all, with an inner peace and calm.

Finally, MOSATI Intensive Somatics is intended for anyone who wants to enjoy a healthy, dynamic and stress-free life even in difficult circumstances, no matter whether professionally or privately.

You can try somatics for yourself with the aid of these three somatics CDs for optimum physical, mental and social well-being in only three weeks .

Make your life worth living again in any circumstances.

CONTENTS of the MOSATI Somatics Method:
- Introductory booklet (36 pages)
- Short introduction for listening to the somatics CDs the first time
- 3 Somatics CDs each with a 20-minute day and evening exercise