Modern Hypnosis Techniques

Modern Hypnosis Techniques
Modern Hypnosis Techniques by Tony Gaschler - Delivery Scope: 48 lessons (216 pages), 68 graphical illustrations with instructions for the practical application, suggestion sheet, ISBN/EAN 978-3-936612-25-7, English language version

Advanced Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis. Learn how to hypnotize yourself and others. A step-by-step guide to hypnosis with more than 60 practical exercises.

Visualize how you are hypnotizing a person who then with great relish devours yummy apples although they are actually potatoes.

Or your subject is convinced that the color "YELLOW" is actual called "RED."

You can be assured of an astonished audience admiring your new abilities and skills.

As a "byproduct", the hypnotizer slowly becomes aware of his or her private and professional success and the associated limitless confidence and self-efficacy that the new and powerful abilities generate. He or she is admired and held in high esteem – life is good.

Modern Hypnosis Techniques

With the self-help method MODERN HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE, Tony Gaschler has combined only tried and proven hypnosis techniques used in many highly interesting hypnosis experiments into a method that:

a) is explained with many helpful, hands-on illustrations and examples,
b) and delivers quick and effective results

You will learn about modern hypnosis techniques and methods as they are practiced around the globe today – no prior knowledge is required – you will learn everything you need to know to be able to hypnotize others successfully, and you will learn this in a systematic and gradual manner.

After many years of research and based on the successes of numerous hypnosis techniques from the world over, the specialized author and hypnosis expert Tony Gaschler developed this unique easy method leading to quick success.

APPLICATION SCOPE of the Modern Hypnosis Technique

Practical, hands-on experiments and lessons are a fixed part of this self-help and self-instruction method.

You learn SELF-HYPNOSIS that can serve to improve your life in so many ways: to eliminate bothersome habits and characteristics such as nervousness, listlessness, lack of energy, lack of drive, smoking, excessive weight, tensions, etc. and even some emotional inhibitions.

You will also learn ADVANCED HYPNOSIS techniques used, among others, to increase performance, eliminate pain, or influence others. These advanced techniques are practiced by athletes, politicians, traditional healers, and on radio, TV, at events, etc.

Nonmedical practitioners and physicians can also benefit from the Modern Hypnosis Technique.

Of course, you can also use your acquired skills to astonish and surprise your family, friends, and acquaintances as the excerpts from the following three experiments shows:

Hand the test subject a piece of paper listing a very long number. For example, something similar to this: 164839244312673, 778241983711893. Tell the subject: "Please read and memorize this number. Once I take the piece of paper away after a few seconds, you will have memorized the entire number and can write it down." Then take the piece of paper away from the test subject and say: "And now you are able to write down the entire number without errors just from memory." Remember: Each suggestion must be canceled by a counter-suggestion.

Tell the VP the following while handing him or her a peeled onion: "I am giving you here a nice, juicy apple! Eat it, you will love its taste and it's good for you!" The subject will think of the onion as an apple and actually eat it like an apple. A counter-suggestion is here not required since no effect continues after the action has been completed.

You can also use a subject and post-hypnosis, an action that is to be carried out at a later time. Example: "Call me at 8 in the evening to tell me that you cannot visit me tomorrow. When I ask you why you cannot come, you tell me you don't have time!" Remember: All these experiments must have a clearly defined effective start and end of a suggestion. Never allow an effect to continue after the hypnosis without first canceling with a counter-suggestion.

The listed experiments were just a small excerpt from the many possible hypnosis techniques.

Moreover, you can also use your own creative ideas to develop and carry out new and interesting experiments. The number of fantastic possibilities is endless once your have learned the methods provided by the Modern Hypnosis Techniques instructions.

Images from the Modern Hypnosis Techniques

The fixation method allows for the pupils to expand. Elimination of the sensation of pain. Also a tried and proven method in medicine. The "Cataleptic Bridge." Spectacular but simple and harmless.

DELIVERY SCOPE of the Modern Hypnosis Techniques

  • 8 hypnosis levels divided into 48 lessons with theoretical explanations and practical instructions (28cm x 20cm, total of 197 pages)
  • 68 graphical illustration examples for practical application
  • 1 help sheet

Here you will obtain an overview of the Table of Contents of the Modern Hypnosis Techniques

General Hypnosis Information

Every person with normal intelligence is able to learn the art of hypnotism in just a few days. And that includes you! You do not need any extraordinary willpower or magic powers. Hypnotizing is easily learned through self-instruction. Special prior knowledge, training or education is not required.

If you have doubts:

The British Medical Association issued this statement: "Hypnotizing can be learned. And it does not require any special talent!"

Once you know how to hypnotize, you'll never run out of willing and/or suitable test subjects. Any normal person (without mental illnesses) can be hypnotized – even yourself.

Hypnotizing usually takes only a few minutes. And sometimes it takes just a few seconds.

Hypnosis is completely harmless! Each hypnotized person can be woken again. Committing crimes under hypnosis is possible but very rare. At least much rarer than any other crime. Those who are able to hypnotize are inevitably more successful in live and consequently do not need to commit crimes.

No one can take way your once acquired abilities and no one can forbid you to apply and use them.

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